We are GidiStays

We are all about delivering exceptional experiences in self-catering short-term accommodation

It’s all about the experience……

GidiStays apartments are far from ordinary. Our spaces are designed with the desires of you and your guests in mind. They are practical with a modern flair to meet your needs in style. We pride ourselves on creating units that seamlessly blend comfort, functionality, technology, and local decor to provide an upscale vacation experience at an affordable price. Our self-catering accommodations ensure that you experience all that our city has to offer. It is our pleasure to wow you from beginning to end.

How it all began…….

Our passion for world travel and exploring new places as a couple, was always at its peak when we were among the locals. It’s no surprise that we began opting for short-stay apartments rather than predictable hotels. That small change put us in the center of all the action! Short-term rental properties allowed us to fully engage with our host communities for the duration of our stay. Our getaways became all the more memorable. It is with this in mind that we created our first GidiStays apartment in our own house, as our way of making visitors feel at home in our beautiful city, Lagos.

We make it feel like you could actually live here when you stay here……

We’ve designed and outfitted every GidiStays space for living, not just staying. A room that’s more than a room. Comfortable beds, nice linens, soft towels, and well-chosen amenities and essentials. And a well-equipped kitchenette for you to make your own meals if you choose to. We also made the service really simple. If there’s anything you need, just text us, 24 hours a day, or call us.

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