Terms and conditions

By deciding to book and stay in any of our apartments, you agree to accept our terms and conditions stated below.


Check-in is from 3pm

Check-out is till 11am


A full pre-payment of the total cost of the booking is required at the time of making the reservation.


We operate a STRICT No Smoking Policy in all our apartments. Smoking is permitted outside the apartments but never inside. There will be a N50,000 fee for thorough cleaning services charged to any guest who chooses to smoke inside the apartment or other indoor area, to restore it back to its original condition.


We have a strict ‘No Parties or any type of Gatherings’ policy. Any guest who contravenes this policy will be requested to leave the apartment without refund and will also have to pay a fine.


We do not allow pets in our apartments. Any guest that brings pets into the apartment without our knowledge will be requested to leave the apartment without refund and may also have to pay a fine.


All our apartments have a maximum number of guests allowed per stay. Guests are allowed to have friends/family over for visits of course but no overnight stays! There will be a penalty of up to the nightly rate of the apartment for every night that this policy is breached.


There’s free WiFi in all our apartments. The WiFi access code is subject to change without notice. Unfortunately WiFi internet is the not the most reliable in Nigeria and sometimes guests can experience difficulties browsing due to downtime from the service provider. GidiStays assumes no liability for guest use.


Our apartments are located in serene residential estates. In order not to disturb our other guests and neighbours, quiet hours are observed from 10pm. Televisions, loudspeakers, and voices must be kept at a respectful low level at all times.


Free parking is available inside the compound for some of our apartments. However there’s limited parking spaces and sometimes guests might be required to move their cars for other guests or neighbours to have access. GidiStays assumes no responsibility for cars parked in our premises. Guests park their cars at their own risks.


Except in the case of normal wear and tear, guests are responsible for any damage to the apartment or its contents during their stay, which has occurred due to the negligence, willful default or irresponsible behavior on the part of guest occupying the apartment, or their visitors.


We will request a refundable security deposit of up to the nightly rate of the apartment booked (or more depending on the length of the reservation). The security deposit will be returned to the guest usually from 24 hours after checkout time on the condition that:

(1) No undue damage to the apartment/building has occurred, by any guest in the party

(2) No loss or undue damage to any property/items has occurred, by any guest in the party

(3) No undue disturbance to other guests or residents has occurred, by any guest in the party

(4) No Pets have been in the property

(5) There has been no smoking inside the apartment during the stay period

(6) The maximum occupancy for the apartment has not been exceeded

(7) There has been no extended checkout time that wasn't previously agreed

If this cost of restoring any loss or damage exceeds the value of the deposit, then GidiStays reserves the right to seek to recover the difference from the guest.


We expects guests to do a thorough check of their apartments before leaving the property to ensure no items/ personal possessions have been left. We will make efforts via email to contact the guest if we becomes aware of anything that has been left, within 24 hours. It is the responsibility of the guest to retrieve any item(s) from us. If any item remains with us for more than 30 calendar days since the date of departure and no attempts have been made to retrieve the item, GidiStays will donate or destroy the item.


Security cameras are placed inside the compounds and outside the apartments. Video surveillance is carried out for the guests’ and staff’s personal security and to ensure the high standard of service.


Payments made for confirmed bookings are non-refundable. We allow guests one free change of their reservation dates when the check-in date is still up to 14 days away. Any subsequent alteration requests will attract a payment of 50% of the booking amount.


To conserve energy guests are required to turn off water-heaters after taking a shower, and turn off Air-conditioners, lights and other appliances before stepping out.

This is a non-exhaustive list of general policies upheld by GidiStays. Should you require any clarification on terms not stated here, please contact us directly. GidiStays reserves the right to add to, alter or amend any of the above terms, conditions and rules as and when it deems necessary.