How to Get the Best Coffee in Lagos 

It would interest you to know that although Nigerians are known tea drinkers, there are still some diehard coffee lovers, especially in Lagos.

Coffee Lovers In Lagos

Many corporate offices and homes in Lagos have built a codependent relationship with different brands and varieties of coffee. It is intriguing how accessible coffee is on the streets of Lagos, from large malls to the Aboki kiosk next door, and urban Cafes serving your favorite coffee in any flavor you want.
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Important Tips for Business Travellers to Lagos

Lagos continues to experience an influx of foreign business travellers into the city. Many of which are C- level executives of multinational companies, entrepreneurs, experts, or specialists.

Alt="Lagos Commercial Hub of Africa"
Lagos Commercial hub of Africa

Essentially, Lagos is more than the commercial centre of Nigeria. It is chiefly the booming economic hub of Africa, which has experienced tremendous growth and expansion since 1967. If you wonder whether Lagos is a good place for business, or why you should do business in Nigeria …..

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Ikate Rising: 8 Reasons to Choose Short Let Apartments in Ikate Lekki

If you seek an affordable luxury short let apartment in Lekki, Ikate Eleguishi is simply an amazing choice.

Ikate Eleguish Beach, Lagos

Ikate Elegushi is fast becoming a high-demand area and a premium real estate hub in the making. Based on proximity, It can pass as an extension of Lekki Phase 1. You can agree that finding an affordable short-let apartment on Lagos island can be as tasking as searching for a needle in the haystack. 

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How to Enjoy Your Short Stay in Lagos - A Guest’s Guide

Seeking a guide for your short stay in Lagos?

Short Stay In Lagos

Lagos, as we all know, has quite a reputation, locally and internationally. Your perception of Lagos solely depends on what you have heard, seen, or read. You must wonder if you have the right perception…

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Some Tips to Keep in Mind When Visiting Lagos

Lagos beach experience

Nigeria has re-opened for international flights after the Covid-19 lockdown, and this is a great development for people planning to visit or leave the country. If you fall into the former category and are planning to visit the country, especially Lagos State, here are some helpful tips to make your experience great.

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What You Need For The Perfect Staycation

Short Stay Homes in Lagos

A staycation is a holiday spent in your country. It’s the little break you take once in a while. Staycations do not happen all the time, so when you are having one, it's important to make the best out of it.

Here are some things you need for the ideal staycation

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How Covid-19 Will Change The Way We Travel

Couple packing Suitcases for trip to GidiStays Apartment

The Coronavirus pandemic brought the entire travel industry to a standstill. It’s unclear when things will return to normal, but we are sure about one thing: Traveling in a post-coronavirus world will not be the same as before.

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The Benefits of Choosing Self-Catering Accommodation for Your Next Holiday

GidiStays Self Catering Short Stays

With the COVID-19 pandemic on everyone’s mind and almost more than half of the world stuck indoors, we know you can’t wait for your next holiday. The question is, how will you travel after all of this is over?

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Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in Lagos

Top 5 Chinese Restaurants in Lagos

Are you a lover of Chinese Cuisines? Well, everyone loves a good Chinese meal. If you think you’re indifferent, then you haven’t had good Chinese food or probably have had none. You’d perhaps wonder what the fuss is about Chinese meals? Besides, Nigeria has enough mouthwatering delicacies. Well, it’s quite easy to build a palette for Chinese cuisines, primarily for their similarities with African dishes, the choice of spice and meal presentation inclusively.

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Shortlet in Lagos Book Here

Shortlet in Lagos Book Here
Best Shortlet on Lagos Top Notch

Shortlet in Lagos Book Here Experience the best when you choose us. 2 Bedroom Shortlet in Lagos, Cheap monthly rent in Lagos, Furnished apartment for monthly rent in Lagos, Airbnb Lagos, Monthly rent apartments in Lagos, Monthly rent apartments in Lagos, Short let rentals Nigeria, Serviced apartments in Lagos Mainland, Short let apartment meaning.

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Security Concerns in the Hospitality Industry: Hotels and Shortlet Homes

Alt="Security Concerns in Hotels"
Security Concerns in Hotels

Security will always be a primary concern for holiday guests visiting Lagos. This explains guest's booking preference and unwavering commitment to hotels, guaranteeing 100% security. 4/5star hotels are foremost for some holiday guests on a big-budget.

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